How do I import students?

This article discusses how to import student data into SchoolInsight. At the beginning of each academic year, you may have a large amount of new student data to add to SchoolInsight. While you could create many new students and mass edit student information, it may be quicker to import a properly formatted CSV or tab-delimited TXT file to get the data into SchoolInsight.

When importing student data into SchoolInsight, the import file must have all of the required fields in order to be accepted by the system. These fields include the student’s first name, last name, and grade level. You can add additional fields, as all general and custom student data fields can be imported in this manner, but they are not required. An example of a properly formatted import file is attached to this article.

To import student data:

  1. Download the attached template and correctly format your data
  2. Go to Admin Main > Import/Export > Import Students/Contacts
  3. Keep the File Type as Custom
  4. Choose File and select the import file
  5. Choose the appropriate Delimiter that matches the import file
  6. Upload
  7. Choose the correct Academic Year
  8. Match columns in your import file to Fields Shown in SchoolInsightStudentImports.png
  9. In the Options section, decide how to match students, which data to preview, and if you want to save the mapping template for future use
  10. Preview
  11. Review the changes carefully
  12. Submit
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