How does an admin create a student?

District and school admins can add students to the school enrollment by creating new students in SchoolInsight. All district admins have permissions to create new students. School admins need to have permissions to modify students in order to create new students.

To create a student:

  1. Go to Admin Main > Students - Single View > Create Student
  2. Enter the last and first name of the student to be created
  3. When there is an existing student within the system with matching information, a student list will appear on the right-hand side. This allows admins to re-enroll students who may have been enrolled in previous academic years and prevents the admin from accidentally creating duplicate students.
    • If a list of matching students appears
      1. Review the student names, birthdates, and grade levels in the list to determine if the student has previously been enrolled
      2. If the student has been previously enrolled, select their name on the list
      3. Click Edit/Enroll Existing Student
    • If no list of existing matching students appears or if none of the students listed are the same student as the one being added, click Create a New StudentScreen_Shot_2017-03-28_at_10.15.12_AM__2_.png
  4. If the student has siblings who are already enrolled at the school and exist in the system, you can select a sibling to pre-populate basic information such as home phone, address, and contacts, which you can review prior to creating the student.
    • To search for a sibling
      1. Enter the sibling’s name in the search box
      2. Select the sibling’s name from the list
      3. Copy Data from Sibling
    • If the student does not have siblings in the system, click No Sibling Exists, Add Information Manually
  5. Fill in the student’s information. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*). Additional fields can be filled out now or edited at a later time.
  6. Select one of the three save options:
    1. Click Save & Add Another to add another student
    2. Click Save & Add to Rosters to add the student to classes
    3. Click Save to save the student data and return to the prior page
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