How do I mass edit student information?

This article discusses how to mass edit student information in TeacherEase. The mass edit function allows admins to modify the information of several to all students simultaneously. Student information can be added to multiple students at once, instead of one at a time.

For example, instead of editing each student individually to assign an exit date, use the mass edit function to enter in a single exit date to apply to a group of students. Repeat the same procedure to apply different exit dates to different groups of students.

To mass edit student information:

  1. Admin Main > Student Multi-View
  2. Mass Edit
  3. Fill out the fields you wish to edit (eg. Exit Date)
  4. Select the students you want to apply the change to
  5. Save

This will apply the edited fields to the selected students.

Mass editing is commonly used when entering exit dates (last day attended) and exit descriptions (graduated, promoted, retained, etc.) in the yearly rollover process. Different groups of students have different exit dates and exit descriptions. Although these values are often applied when promoting students, yearly rollover may take place prior to the end of the academic year. In these cases, exit dates and exit descriptions are not applied when promoting students, but at or after the end of the academic year using the mass edit function.

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