How do I assign cycle days?

Cycle days determine which schedule is used for a particular date, whether it’s a typical day or an alternate schedule such as a half day.  This tells teachers and students which schedule to use on a particular date. It also drives period attendance (if used at your school). There are a few cases where admins need to adjust cycle days:

  1. Period Attendance - If your school uses period attendance (typically secondary schools that are not self-contained), then each date on the calendar when school is in session needs a cycle day assigned.  If a date lacks a cycle day, attendance cannot be taken. This step is often missed in yearly rollover, and schools may have trouble taking attendance on the first day. This can be fixed by assigning a cycle day to every day of the year.

  2. Snow days -  If school is cancelled due to inclement weather, the cycle day will need to be modified (and potentially cascaded to later days).  You’ll typically need to change it from a day in attendance to a day that’s not in attendance.

  3. Adjust calendar defaults - Most schools have similar calendars, and for convenience the system will assign a set of default holidays.  You’ll need to adjust those dates and assign cycle days.

Before cycle days can be assigned to the calendar, they must be set up. For more information on how to set up cycle days, click here. Once cycle days are defined for the school year, they must be assigned to instructional school days.

To assign cycle days:

  1. Go to Admin Main > Scheduling > Cycle Days
    • If there are any additional cycle days you need to create, click here for more information.
  2. Assign Cycle Days
  3. Use the dropdown list for each day to assign a specific cycle day.
    • Days marked with an asterisk (*) denote that attendance has been entered, and therefore the cycle day cannot be altered.
  4. Save

If you need to re-assign a cycle day, whether it be due to a change in schedule or an accidental mistake:

  1. Go to Admin Main > Scheduling > Cycle Days > Assign Cycle Days
  2. Use the dropdown list for the day(s) that need a different cycle day assigned and select the correct cycle day
  3. Save

If the cycle day cannot be changed, that means period attendance was already entered for this date. Save a copy of the period attendance, then contact to request that we delete the period attendance for that date.

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