How do I add additional cycle days?

If you find that you need more cycle days to support your school’s schedule, you can create additional ones. Regular cycle days can be added, as well as non-regular cycle days for alternate schedule days, such as early-dismissal days, half days, etc. However, non-regular cycle days can only be created after periods and bell schedules have been defined for the regular cycle days.


To create an additional regular cycle day:

  1. Go to Admin Main > Scheduling > Cycle Days
  2. Create Cycle Days
  3. For Type of Day, select Regular Cycle Day


  4. Enter a title for the cycle day in the Title field
  5. Use the dropdown list for Position in cycle to select a position for the additional cycle day on the list of currently existing cycle days
  6. Save

To create a non-regular cycle day:

  1. Go to Admin Main > Scheduling > Cycle Days
  2. Create Cycle Days
  3. For Type of Day, select Half Day, In-Service, Early Dismissal, or Alternate Schedule Day


  4. In the General tab, select the appropriate settings for the cycle day. This will vary depending on the alternate schedule.
    • Select which periods to include for the day: All, AM only, or PM only
    • Choose whether or not lunch will be included
    • Select the regular cycle day from which to populate the periods for the alternate day. If your school only has one cycle day, then it will default to that.
    • Set the start and end times for the alternate day and enter a descriptive title
  5. In the Periods tab, you can review and define which periods will occur on this cycle day. The times will be calculated based on the information entered in the previous tab, but you may edit the fields as needed.
  6. In the Copy Schedule Preview tab, you can review the schedule to ensure that the appropriate classes will be copied to the alternate cycle day.
  7. Save

Once cycle days are created, they need to be assigned to the calendar.

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