How do I enter historical grades?

This article explains how to add historical grades for course grades that were earned by students in a prior year, as well as grades that were earned in the current year at a different school.  You may need to add historical grades when a student transfers into the school or when a student earns grades at another school while also enrolled in your school. Historical grades will be included on the student transcript.

In order to enter historical grades for a prior academic year, the academic year and summary grading periods need to exist.  Additionally, prior to entering historical grades you may need to:

  • Create a grading scale if the grading scale letter grades, percentages, GPA values, or point values for the student’s grades are different from your school grading scale(s).
  • Create special grade codes if they will be needed and don’t already exist at your school. Examples of some special grade codes are Pass, Fail, and Audit.

Enter Historical Grades

  1. Go to Admin Main > Grade Reporting > Historical Grades > Enter Historical Grades
  2. Select Year Taken
  3. Set Grade Level When Taken
  4. Select the Grading Scale to be referenced for the historical grades
  5. Choose Credits Transferred from Another School, if credits were earned at another school
    • Select Not Report to State to exclude the grades from state reporting
    • Select Reported to State to include the grades in state reporting
    • For public schools using SchoolInsight state reporting:
  6. When credits fulfill the requirements of an existing school course:
    • Select an Existing course
    • Search for and select a course from the course catalog
  7. When credits do not fulfill the requirements of an existing school course:
    • Select Course not in catalog
    • Enter course Description, Course Number, Subject Area, Credits, Counts for GPA, Weighted
  8. Enter the Letter Grade or Score or Special Grade Code
  9. Save or Save & Enter Another
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