How do I create a traditional grading scale?

In this article you will learn how to create traditional grading scales and the difference between percentage based and points based scales. In general, traditional grading scales are used to assess assignments when instructors do not use standards-based learning. There are two types of traditional grading scales.

Percentage-based grading scales are the most common. Each letter grade represents a range of percentages and every assignment is given a specific percentage score based on how much of the assignment was correct. If a student gets 9/10 answers correct, they receive a 90%. The typical A-B-C-D-F scale in which an A represents 90-100%, B represents 80-89%, etc. is an example of a percentage-based grading scale.

Points-based grading scales use a different method to assess overall student performance on an assignment. For example, a teacher may give students a score between 1 and 3 to indicate that students are Beginning (1), Developing (2), or Secure (3). All assignments are weighted to allow instructors more control of how grades are calculated.

To create a traditional grading scale:

  1. Go to (School District) Admin Main > Grading Scales > Create Traditional Grading Scale
  2. Choose a Points-based or Percentage-based Grading Scale
  3. Save
  4. Give it a Title review and update all grading rows
  5. Set Options
  6. Save

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