How do I manually add learning targets to a course?

In SchoolInsight, admins have the option to manually add learning targets to a course. Adding learning targets manually is most suitable when:

  • There are few course learning targets to be added
  • Learning targets are not derived from an existing repository of state, district, local, or diocesan standards
  • Learning targets are not the same or similar to learning targets that exist on another course

When there are many learning targets to be added or when similar learning targets have already been added to another course, consider importing learning targets or copying learning targets from one course to another. Additionally, adding a learning target on a course that is in an SBL group will automatically add that learning target to all courses in the group.

To manually add learning targets to a course:

  1. Go to Main > Tools > My Committees
    • or Main > Courses > Course - Single View
    • or SBL Main > Learning Targets
  2. Learning Targets tab
  3. Get Started
  4. Select I will write my own learning targets
  5. Continue
  6. Set State Standards
    • If learning targets will reference existing standards, select a subject and/or grade level.  Scroll through the list of available standards, select the desired standard, and Continue
    • If learning targets will not reference existing standards, Skip
  7. Type the learning target Number and Description
  8. If a state standard was added to the course, choose the associated Standard Item(s)
  9. Save
  10. To continue to add learning targets, click Create Learning Target

Instructors who belong to a committee can access the learning targets page by going to Instructor Main > Tools > SBL Groups > Learning Targets.

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