What are SBL Groups?

Standards-Based Learning (SBL) groups link courses that share the same SBL entities, including learning targets, rubrics, assessments, and more. By using SBL groups, you can create one set of SBL entities to apply to multiple courses. For example, if you have to organize three courses with the same subject and grade level, such as 7th Grade Math-Accelerated, 7th Grade Math-Core, 7th Grade Math-RTI, it may be useful to create one set of SBL entities and organize the three courses into a single SBL 7th Grade Math group, as shown below.SBL.png

Although a course may only belong to one SBL group, SBL groups are managed at the course level, and all actions pertaining to SBL groups are carried out in the SBL group tab in Course - Single View. Here’s a list of those actions and links to articles about them:

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