How do I integrate SchoolInsight with Clever?

In order to integrate SchoolInsight with Clever, you will need to schedule a data export to an SFTP server hosted by Clever. Such an integration allows a school to manage students in SchoolInsight, and have this data uploaded nightly to Clever. From there the data can travel forward to additional platforms. 

SchoolInsight exports this data using OneRoster files. OneRoster is an industry-wide standard for transporting student management systems data. This data includes information about schools, students, contacts, instructors, classes, and class rosters.

The complete integration process is made up of three steps:

  1. You need to obtain some information from your Clever representative
  2. You will set up the scheduled export in SchoolInsight
  3. Initiate the first data upload

Data needed from Clever

Before you proceed with setting up data in SchoolInsight, please contact your Clever representative and ask them for the following information:

  1. Clever SFTP server address and port number
  2. Your login username and password to the SFTP server
  3. Preferred name for the OneRoster file once it is uploaded to Clever
  4. (Optional) Directory path where the file should be stored

Scheduling an export in SchoolInsight

The export can be setup at the school level or the district level. If your school district has a single school building, then complete the setup at the school level admin; otherwise, if your school district has multiple school buildings in SchoolInsight, then complete the setup at the district admin level.

To schedule a OneRoster export:

    1. Go to (School District) Admin Main > Import/Export > Scheduled Exports > Create Scheduled Export
    2. Task
      • OneRoster Export
    3. Schools
      • Select those schools that you would like to submit data from
    4. Description
    5. Time to run
      • We recommend a time after 10 PM, because it is more likely all changes to data on any day would be saved by that time
    6. Academic Year
      • Select the academic year you would like to pull the data from
    7. Where to export files
      • Custom SFTP Account
      • Enter the details you obtained from Clever representative here
    8. Alert Email
      • Enter the email address of the admin that should receive failure notifications after the export finishes
    9. Directory
      • This is an optional field. This is where the exported file should be stored on the SFTP server, and should be given to you by the Clever representative
    10. ZIP File Name
      • This is the name of the uploaded file. Please refer to the Clever representative when selecting a file name
    11. You may leave all other fields as they are set by default
    12. Save

 This completes the integration setup process. 

Initiating the first data upload

You may perform a test run of the export on demand after completing the previous steps to assure the automatic upload will work as follows:

  1. Go to (School District) Admin Main > Import/Export > Scheduled Exports
  2. Locate the saved scheduled export and click the arrow down icon  mceclip0.png
  3. Select Run Now
  4. Wait for few minutes until the export completes, then click on Last Run
  5. If the status is complete, then the file has been uploaded correctly; otherwise, you may need to review the SFTP server address and login credentials

If you continue to receive errors, then contact us at for additional help.

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