How to add make-up days to this academic year?

Admins create an academic calendar before school starts, but weather and other factors could result in school closure for a few days during the academic year. This article explains all steps the admin needs to take in order to make the calendar changes and assure that the schedule and attendance will work on the make-up days.

Adding make-up days properly in SchoolInsight is a three-step process:

  1. Add the make-up day to the calendar
  2. Adjust the last grading period’s end date to include the make-up day’s date
  3. Assign a cycle day to the make-up day on the calendar in order to inform the scheduling and attendance modules which classes are supposed to meet on that day

If a snow day already took place in the past, and it is still counting toward the school’s total days in attendance, then you need to mark it as a non-instructional day as follows:

  1. Go to Admin Main > Academic Calendar > View > [Select Month] > Edit
  2. Select the Attendance Key Code from the dropdown menu
  3. Enter any notes in the text box, such as a Snow Day. Days with notes entered will be indicated with an asterisk (*).
  4. Save
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