ISBE: How do I set up medically homebound and hospitalized absent attendance codes?

This article explains how an Illinois school admin can review or create new absent attendance codes for students who are medically homebound or hospitalized and did not receive educational services. Such absences are counted separately from excused and unexcused absences in the ISBE Student Attendance V2 file, and do not affect the school’s overall absence count.

School admins should review existing absent attendance codes that account for medically homebound and/or hospitalized students before creating new codes.

To set up a medically homebound or hospitalized absence code:

  1. Go to Admin Main > Attendance > Attendance Codes > Create Attendance Code
    • Or edit an existing absence code
  2. Set Type to Absent
  3. Set Absent Funding Status to either Medically Homebound or Hospitalized
  4. Set How Many Days Are Students Counted Present to 0
  5. Complete other options
  6. Save
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