Which students are reported in the ISBE Immigrant Data?

SchoolInsight will include a student in the ISBE Immigrant Data file if the student:

  • Has an active enrollment in this academic year
  • Was born outside the United States
  • Started school in the US within the last three years

To determine if a student is set to be included in the ISBE Immigrant Data file:

  1. Go to (School District) Admin Main > Students - Single View
  2. Find and select the student
  3. General Tab
    • Current Status should be Active
    • Exit Date should be empty or a future date
  4. Misc Info tab
    • Birth Country should be different than the United States
    • US School Entry Date should fall within the last three years

If you would like to mass edit students in order to include them in the export file, then you would need to set the correct Birth Country and US School Entry Date following the steps mentioned in this knowledge base article:

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