How do I indicate that a learning target was not assessed?

This article describes how to indicate on a report card that a learning target was not assessed for a given grading period. In standards-based grading, some of a course’s learning targets may not be covered in every grading period. Rather than omit these learning targets from the report card or leave the score blank, instructors and admins may want to indicate that the learning target was not evaluated. This can be accomplished by creating a special grade code which designates that a given learning target was not assessed at this time. Once a special grade code has been created, there are two options to take:

  1. Instructors manually input the special grade code
  2. Admins set a report card visual layout option to autofill blank scores

To autofill blank learning target scores:

  1. Go to (School District) Admin Main > Grade Reporting > Define Report Cards > visual layout
  2. Search for a Student to view a preview
  3. Select Visual Layout
  4. Under Which Learning Targets to Show, check the Autofill blank scores box
  5. Choose the appropriate special grade code
  6. Save
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