How does a parent interpret standards-based learning progress?

With learning target goals configured, students and parents can log into TeacherEase to view their progress in standards-based learning classes.

To find the progress bar, go to Student/Parent Main > Academics > Grades.

Next to each class is a Progress bar, which uses color-coding and symbols to indicate how many learning targets have been summatively assessed.

  • A diamond represents the end of a grading period. Its position along the progress bar indicates what fraction of the learning targets should have been summatively assessed by that point.
  • Green indicates the number of learning targets the student is meeting expectations for.
  • Yellow indicates the number of learning targets the student has been summatively assessed on but is not meeting expectations for.
  • Gray indicates the number of learning targets that have not yet been summatively assessed.

A student meeting expectations of assessed learning targets will have only green and gray on progress bar. Students who are struggling to learn the expected material will show yellow. If you see only gray, the teacher has not yet graded any summative assessments.

In the screenshot above, the student is making good progress in most subjects. However, in Science they are struggling to master the material. They still haven’t met expectations for all the learning targets that should have been assessed by the end of the last marking period (evident because the green bar stops before the diamond outline).

By clicking the graph icon next to a class, the student or parent can view a history of their progress over time. In the example below, the student is currently meeting expectations for all assessed learning targets, but they did have some trouble in December and January.

Further, you can click Details next to a class to see a breakdown of specific learning targets and assignments.

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