How do I enable learning progress bars on the Parent Portal?

Parents need help interpreting standards-based grading data to understand how their child is performing in class. To better communicate student progress, the administration can set learning target goals for each course and display a progress bar on the Parent/Student Portal. This progress bar is a visualization of whether the student is meeting an expected number of learning targets for a grading period.

There are a few steps necessary to set up this visualization tool:

  1. Enable the option
  2. Configure the grading scales
  3. Define goals for each course

Enable the Student/Parent portal option

Before you can start setting learning target goals, turn on the Student/Parent Portal Overview from the District Standards Options page.

To turn on the option:

  1. Go to School District Admin Main > Options
  2. Click Options under the column heading SBL Options
  3. Edit
  4. Check Student/Parent Portal Overview
  5. Save

Configure the grading scale

In order to utilize the visualization tool, the standards-based grading scale must allow scores to persist across grading periods. If you are trying to turn this option on mid-year, please consult with our support team before changing the setting.

Additionally, you will need to define what score a student needs to earn to show that they have met expectations for a learning target.

To configure the grading scale:

  1. Go to (School District) Admin Main > Grading Scales
  2. Edit the standards-based grading scale
  3. Indicate with the checkboxes whether each point/letter grade Meets Expectations
  4. Save

Define course learning target goals

On a given course, use the scope and sequence of instruction to determine how many learning targets should be mastered by the end of each grading period. Student mastery will be measured against these goals and displayed on the Student/Parent Portal.

To define goals for each course:

  1. Go to (School District) Admin Main > Courses > Course - Single View
  2. Search for a course
  3. Choose the Learning Targets tab
  4. Click here to set goals
  5. Adjust the number of learning targets that should be covered during each regular grading period
  6. Save

To learn more about how the progress bar and goal system works, read How does a parent interpret standards-based learning progress?

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