How do I mark email addresses deliverable?

SchoolInsight will automatically disable any email address in the system that results in a delivery failure. This prevents emails from being sent to erroneous email addresses, addresses that are blocking SchoolInsight-generated emails, mail boxes that are full and therefore not accepting more emails, etc.

Email addresses that are marked as “undeliverable” must be fixed before the user can receive emails through SchoolInsight. Admins can mark email addresses as deliverable to remove the undeliverable status, which will allow emails to be sent to the user again. However, if the underlying problem is not fixed, the email may bounce back and cause the email address to be marked as undeliverable again.

Step 1: Fix undeliverable email addresses
Step 2: Mark the email address “deliverable”

Fix undeliverable email addresses

When an email address has been marked undeliverable, try to figure out why an email from TeacherEase would be rejected. If the underlying problem is not addressed, further emails could be bounced back, causing the email address to be marked undeliverable again.

There are a few basic fixes you can try:

  1. Double-check that the email address has been typed correctly.
  2. Ask the user to add to the contacts list/address book in their email program so that their email program will not reject an email from TeacherEase.
  3. If the email address was assigned by the school, have the IT person confirm that it is configured correctly to receive email.

To understand why an email address is marked as undeliverable, go to (School District) Admin Main > Communications > Email Addresses. Email addresses that have bounced back emails will have a note in red labeling the email undeliverable, which may be followed by an explanation of why the email was marked undeliverable. These explanations come from the industry standard Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and can give a hint about the problem.

For example, if an email address is marked “Undeliverable: over quota”, that typically means the user needs to delete emails to free up space in their inbox.

Mark the email address “deliverable”

Once you have attempted to fix the underlying problem, you must mark the email address as deliverable before you can send any further emails.

To mark student and parent email addresses as deliverable:

    1. Go to (School District) Admin Main > Communications > Email Addresses
    2. You can either mark a single email as deliverable or do it en masse.
      • To mark a single email address as deliverable:
        • Locate the email address on the list and click edit on the right-hand side
        • Save
      • To mark multiple email addresses as deliverable:
        • Click Mark Emails Deliverable
        • Select the email addresses to be marked deliverable
        • Save

To mark an admin’s or instructor’s email address as deliverable:

  1. Go to Admin Main > Admins or Instructors
  2. Click edit next to the admin or instructor whose email address is undeliverable
  3. Save

If your own email address is undeliverable, you can update it in your Account Profile.

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