How can I recover deleted data?

Deleting data from TeacherEase has serious consequences. When data is deleted from TeacherEase, it is wiped from our servers completely. Users will not be able to recover deleted data on their own because that data no longer exists in the system. Data should only be deleted if it was entered into the system erroneously.

We have, however, created a process that would allow you to re-enter deleted data into your school. The process starts with a data restore request, filed by an organizational contact at your school to our team at We will then look to see if we are able to recover the deleted data on our end. This process may take up to few weeks. If we are able to recover your data, we will send you a copy of the data through email in PDF format, which you will then manually re-enter into the system. Otherwise, if we are unable to recover your data, we will let you know to adjust the metrics in your data restore request.

Below, you will find information regarding the steps to take if data was deleted:

Who can make a restore request

We accept data restore requests from Organizational Contacts. Organizational contact information is available to school and district admins. To identify who is listed as an Organizational Contact:

  1. Go to (School District) Admin Main > Misc > Organization Info

Instructors will need to contact a school or district admin to find organization contact information.

Information to provide to support

In order to retrieve the correct data, the data restore request should include some basic information, including what was deleted, when it was deleted, and what you would like us to recover:

  1. What was deleted - For example, if a student was deleted from a class, we will need:
    • The name of the student
    • The class name and section
    • The name of the instructor
  2. Restoration date - We need to know when the data was last in TeacherEase in order to request a data restore for that date.
  3. What information to recover - We need to know what information you would like to recover. For example, this could be gradebook grades, report card grades, attendance, and so on.

How we process a restore request

Once we receive a restore request, we pass along the information to our database administrators, who add the request to our data restore queue. Our database administrators will then process these restore requests one-by-one in the order in which they were received. As each data restore likely points to a different date, it may take up to a few weeks to process your restore request, depending on how many requests are in the data restore queue.

As soon as your restore request has been processed by our database administrators, it is made available to our Tech Services team on an internal data restore server. We will then begin the data recovery process. A Tech Services member will login and attempt to find the requested data using the information provided in the restore request. If the requested data is found, it will be saved in PDF reports and emailed to your school for manual re-entry. If the requested data is not found, then either the data was deleted before the requested date, or it was not saved properly. If the data cannot be found, the organizational contact can make another restore request for an earlier date.

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