How do I setup an Apptegy integration?

Many of our SchoolInsight customers have integrations with Apptegy to send alerts and notifications to parents and staff. This allows schools to quickly communicate with parents and staff in the event of emergencies, late starts and so on. Admins can schedule automated exports of their data from SchoolInsight to Apptegy for this purpose.

Commonly, when setting up an integration to send alerts, you will create two export files: one for parents/students and the other for employees. Please note that you will need to have Apptegy’s requirements to reference for the specific columns in the filesand the order in which they should be reported.

This article provides the plan for getting your school’s data to Apptegy:

  1. Creating the export files
  2. Scheduling the automated export
  3. Verifying the data

Creating the export files

The first step is to create the export files for the integration with Apptegy. Remember to refer to their requirements file for the specific data columns you will need. In SchoolInsight, you can use custom reports and saved reports to create two files:

  1. Student/Parent
  2. Employee

To create the student/parent file:

  1. Go to
    • (School District) Admin Main > Import/Export > Export Students > Create a New Student Export - Query Builder OR
    • (School District) Admin Main > Reports > Custom Reports > Create a New Report - Query Builder
  2. Report Type
    • Check the Contacts box
  3. Filters
    • Remove the Contact Receives Mail filter
    • Add one of the following filters:
      • Contact Custodial Status = Custodial Parent/Guardian
      • Contact Relationship = Mother + Father, etc
  4. Data
    • Check Apptegy’s requirements for the specific Available Fields to Add
  5. Output
    • Comma Delimited (CSV)
    • Choose the Save As… button
    • Enter a title for the report
    • Save
  6. Generate

To create the employee file:

  1. Go to (School District) Admin Main > Reports > Employee Details
  2. Show Which Employees
    • Choose All employees in school
  3. Filter Employees
    • Select All SchoolInsight User Roles or select the Ctrl key and click on the Roles to export
    • Set Active to True
  4. Fields to Show
    • Check Apptegy’s requirements for the specific Available Fields to Add
  5. Where Shown?
    • Comma Delimited (CSV)
    • Choose the Save Report button
    • Enter a title for the report
    • OK
  6. Generate

Scheduling the automated exports

The next step is to decide where to export your files. You have the following two options:

  1. Export to the CGS SFTP server
    • For this option, you will create a CGS SFTP account and provide the login credentials to your Apptegy representative. To read more about how to set up a CGS SFTP account, click here.
  2. Export to Apptegy’s SFTP server
    • If you’ve chosen this option, you will need to get the following information from an Apptegy representative:
      • SFTP Server Address
      • Port
      • Username
      • Password
      • Directory/Path

Once you have completed the steps above, you are ready to schedule the automated exports. To read more about how to schedule an automated export, click here.

Verifying the data

The final step is to verify that the data has been exported successfully from SchoolInsight to Apptegy. You will first verify in SchoolInsight that the export is completed. Then, you will log in to Apptegy to check the status on their end.

To check the export status:

  1. Go to (School District) Admin Main > Import/Export > Scheduled Exports
  2. The Last Run column displays most recent date and status
  3. Click the Last Run button for further details

There are two statuses for a scheduled export:

  1. Complete
    • A complete export means that the data has successfully been sent from SchoolInsight. Your next step will be to verify with Apptegy that it has been retrieved.
  2. Error
    • If there is an error, you will want to check that the SFTP Account and Directory information has been entered correctly. If you need further assistance on any scheduled export errors, reach out to
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