What are the steps to roll over an integration to a new academic year?

This article is a guide to all of the steps required to roll an integration over from one academic year to the next.  Integrations is the term used to describe a school district that provides data to TeacherEase from an external SIS. This article will walk the user through all of the yearly steps required to set up an academic year and manage their data successfully.


The following checklist contains links to all of the steps required for this task.  Steps 1 through 5 will take place once each year. Step 6 will take place at the beginning and end of every grading period.  Steps 7 through 9 will take place once your district is ready to start configuring your report cards for the new year. Steps 10 through 13 will take place each time you open report cards for grade entry.

Initial setup:

1. Create new Academic Year
2. Create new Academic Calendar
3. Rollover of data import
4. Learning Target rollover
5. Course setup verification

Grading period setup:

6. Open/close gradebook grading periods

Report card management:

7. Copy Report Cards
8. Verify all Courses have Report Card Item Lists
9. Manage/modify Report Cards

Report card grade entry:

10. Open/close Report Card grading periods
11. Verify Report Card grade entry
12. Import Report Card attendance
13. Print/publish Report Cards

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