How do instructors manage grading period status?

This article discusses how instructors can control which grading periods on their classes are active. Grading period status is usually changed at the beginning/end of each new grading period. At most paid schools, admins will control the status of grading periods. However, free TeacherEase users must make the changes themselves.

Instructors are able to mark the grading periods for their classes as active or closed, which will determine what grading periods they can create and grade assignments or enter attendance in. Data can be updated in active grading periods, whereas data is locked in closed grading periods.

To mark a grading period as active or closed:

  1. Go to Instructor Main > Gradebook > Setup
  2. Click on either Classes or Subjects
  3. Next to the class in question, click on mark active/close
  4. Select Active or Closed from the drop-down menu for each grading period
  5. Save
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