How do I roll over imports from an external SIS?

This article discusses how to initiate the yearly rollover process for schools that use TeacherEase in conjunction with an external SIS. This process is applicable to districts that use OneRoster, Clever, or a custom import to move data from your SIS to TeacherEase.

There are four basic steps:

  1. Disable imports for the completed academic year
  2. Prepare the new year’s data in your SIS
  3. Enable the new year’s data import to TeacherEase
  4. Verify the data in TeacherEase

Disable last year’s imports

Only one academic year’s data should be imported at a time. When an academic year is completely finished and you no longer need to import any new data from your SIS to TeacherEase, we will disable the imports for that year. Reach out to your analyst or to schedule a date for this.

Prepare next year’s data

All student promotion, class creation, roster assignments, etc. should be done in your SIS. Once you have completed this setup, you will prepare the first data export and deliver it to your data migration tool. If you use Clever, this means syncing the data to Clever. If you use OneRoster or custom imports, this means exporting the files to the SFTP server.

Keep your analyst apprised of your schedule so they will know when to expect the data to be ready.

Enable next year’s imports

On an agreed-upon date, your analyst will enable the import from your SIS to TeacherEase.

Verify next year’s data

After the first successful import, you should log into TeacherEase and verify that the data has imported correctly.

  • Look for any errors on the Import/Export > Scheduled Imports page.
  • Perform a spot check the following areas:
    • Do students have the correct grade level?
    • Do you have the right number of classes?
    • Are class rosters complete?
  • Look through the Instructors and Admins page to make sure the list is complete. If any users have left the school, you can mark them inactive to remove their access to TeacherEase.
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