How does an employee make an online payment?

In SchoolInsight, employees can make online payments through their portal. This can save them time and a trip to the front office when they need to pay their lunch balance. Please note that only employees with login access, such as instructors or admins, will be able to pay online.

To make an online payment:

  1. Go to
    • Instructor Main > Account > My Fees or
    • Admin Main > Account > My Fees
  2. Select the Account if you want to view fee details
  3. Make Online Payment
  4. Enter the Payment amount
  5. Continue
  6. Enter in your credit card information
  7. Next
  8. Enter your email address to receive a copy of the receipt
  9. Confirm
  10. View the Online Payment Receipt details

Please note that TeacherEase does not store a copy of the receipts in the parent portal. If you’d like to retain a copy of the receipt, enter in an email on the previous page or select Printable to save your own copy.

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