How do I change the order of courses on the report card?

When configuring report cards, admins have the option to define a specific order in which courses will appear.  This allows for more consistency between report cards for different grade levels, allowing you to, for example, always display a student’s math course at the top of the report card.

You can sort by Course and Subject Type.  The former is useful when you always want a specific course to be shown at the top of the report card, such as driver’s education.  When entering by Subject Type, courses will be pulled based on the Subject Areas that have been assigned through either the Course - Single View or Course Catalog.  Only Subject Areas that are currently in use on courses will show as options to add to the sort order.

All courses not covered by the sort order options will display at the end of the report card.  So, if only core subject areas were entered, any specials would be displayed after.

To set a sort order:

  1. Go to Admin Main > Grade Reporting > Define Report Cards
  2. Sort Order
  3. Edit
  4. Add Sort Item
  5. Choose either a specific Course or a Subject Type
  6. Add to add another item, or Add & Close Popup to finish adding items
  7. Save
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