What is the difference between school and district managed online payments?

This article explains the difference between managing online payments at the school or at the district level. In SchoolInsight, admins set yearly permissions for their schools, including the online payments permission. Admins can choose between the following:

  1. School-managed online payments
  2. District-managed online payments

School-managed Online Payments

School-managed online payments is the recommended method for small, single-building school districts. Generally, this type of district will manage all of their options at the school level, including online payments.

This is also recommended for larger, multi-building districts, where each school manages its own bank account and has different bookkeepers to track funds. This type of district can set up a separate WePay account at each school but use the school district’s IEIN number. This allows an admin from each school to manage their own login and link to their own bank account.

District-managed Online Payments

Some multi-building districts may have a district bookkeeper who manages their finances through the district. District-managed online payments is recommended if the entire district deposits funds into one bank account managed by the district bookkeeper.

To set permissions:

  1. Go to School District Admin Main > Options > School Permissions
  2. Edit
  3. Choose the appropriate radio button for Online Payments
  4. Save
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