How do I rename or hide my classes?

By default, classes are labeled according to Course Name and Section. However, instructors may assign nicknames to label classes so they can more easily identify their individual class sections, allowing them to distinguish between their classes using their own criteria. For example, instead of having Math 1 (section 1) and Math 1 (section 2), the teacher might rename them “3rd Hour Math” and “7th Hour Math.”

Additionally, teachers may want to hide classes that they do not need to access very often. Hidden classes will not appear in the Class or Subject drop-down menus found on pages like the gradebook or attendance. For example, a third-grade teacher may be an assistant teacher to her students’ P.E. class. She can hide this P.E. class to hide it from the drop-down menus when choosing a gradebook.

If the teacher does need to access a hidden class, she can choose to show hidden classes.

Assigning nicknames and hiding classes are both changes that are only visible to the instructor who made them. They are not reflected in the gradebook of co-teachers, on progress reports, on report cards, or in the student/parent portal.

To rename or hide classes:

  1. Go to Instructor Main > Gradebook > Setup > Classes or Subjects
  2. Customize Class List or Customize Subject List
  3. Either Edit a single class or Mass Edit to change many classes at once
  4. Give the class a Nickname
  5. Choose to Hide it from default view
  6. Save
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