How do I transfer standards-based grades?

When students transfer between sections of a course, their standards-based grades can be transferred to the new section, even if the sections are at separate schools.

Transferred grades appear in the gradebook as a single score, but the entire history of assignments and scores can be viewed on the Transfer Grades page. Using that history and the grading scale settings, TeacherEase automatically identifies which assignments count toward the overall score.

In order for the transfer to work, the following preconditions must be met:

  • The school that is sending the information must have the permission “Can view other teachers' data” turned on
  • The student must have an enrollment in two sections that belong to the same course or SBL group
  • If copying report card grades, both sections should use the same Report Card Item List

How do I perform a single transfer?
How do I perform a mass transfer?

How do I perform a single transfer?

If you are expecting a specific student in one of your classes, you can go directly to that class and select the student. This is most useful when you have a small number of transfers and the student is only in one of your classes.

To transfer grades in a single class:

  1. Go to Instructor Main > Standards-based Scores
  2. Choose the Class or Subject from the drop-down menu
  3. Transfer Grades
  4. Get Transfer Grades
  5. Select the student whose grades you want to transfer
  6. Check Show all classes or Show all schools if applicable
  7. Select the class to transfer grades from
  8. Choose data to transfer
    • Transfer standard grades from the gradebook
    • Transfer report card grades
    • Transfer report card comments
  9. Save

How do I perform a mass transfer?

The mass transfer option allows you to transfer grades for many students and many classes at once. It is especially useful for self-contained classrooms, where one teacher may keep track of students’ grades in multiple subjects.

Mass transfer only works if the sections belong to the same course. Sections that belong to the same SBL group but different courses will not be visible.

To mass transfer grades:

  1. Go to Instructor Main > Standards-based Scores
  2. Transfer Grades
  3. Mass Transfer Grades
  4. Check the courses that you want to transfer grades for
  5. Check “Show students with exited rosters only (exclude other sections where active)” if applicable
  6. Submit
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