How do I create seating charts?

This article contains an overview on how to set up seating charts in SchoolInsight. Seating charts allow instructors to organize the students in their classrooms. Some common seating arrangements include alphabetical order, boy/girl, and student choice. There are two steps that must be taken in order to set up a seating chart.

  1. Create a seat layout
  2. Assign students to a seating chart

How do I create a seat layout?

In order to create a seating chart, instructors must first create a seat layout that reflects the configuration of desks/tables in the classroom.

To create a seat layout:

  1. Go to Instructor Main > Gradebook > Setup > Seating Charts
  2. Select the Class or Subject you wish to create a seat layout for
  3. Create Seat Layout
  4. Click on the individual tiles to add student or teacher seats
    • One click to add a student seat
    • Two clicks to add a teacher seat
  5. Select the Front of Classroom
  6. Save And Assign Students or Save Only

How do I assign students to the seating chart?

Once your seat layout is created, you can assign students to specific seats.

To assign students to a seating chart:

  1. Go to Instructor Main > Gradebook > Setup > Seating Charts
  2. Select the Class or Subject using the drop-down menu
  3. Assign Students to Seats
  4. Manually or automatically assign students to a seat
    • Manual: Drag and drop the student name into the available seats
    • Automatic: Select an option (Random, Boy/Girl, Alphabetical) and Assign Seats
  5. Save

After a seating chart has been set up, you can reassign students by taking the same steps listed above. To learn how to manage a seating chart, please read How do I manage Seating Charts?

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