How do I view hidden classes?

Instructors may have trouble finding gradebook and attendance information from certain classes or grading periods. This article explains how to reveal classes that have been hidden.

On certain pages (e.g. the gradebook, assignments, attendance), teachers have a drop-down menu to select a specific class and grading period. When a grading period is marked inactive, data for that grading period can no longer be entered, so it is hidden. Additionally, teachers may have chosen to hide some classes from the list to save space and make it easier to access frequently-used classes.

To view inactive or hidden grading periods:

  1. Go to the desired page (e.g. Instructor Main > Standards-based Scores or Scores / Comments or Attendance)
  2. Click the gear icon next to the Subject or Class drop-down menu to open the List Options window
  3. Check Show Inactive/Hidden
  4. Close

When inactive/hidden classes are shown, then all classes and grading periods will show up in the dropdown menu. To hide those classes again, open the List Options window and uncheck the Show Inactive/Hidden box.

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