How do I create assessment items?

This article explains how to create assessment items in SchoolInsight. Assessment items are the questions students answer, or the tasks they must complete, as part of an assessment test. Each item is associated with a learning target and a complexity. Items are stored in an item bank, where they can be shared with admin, committee members, and instructors.

To create an assessment item:

  1. Go to Main > Tools > My Committees
    • or (School District) Admin Main > Modules > Assessments > Assessment Items
    • or SBL Main > Assessment Items
  2. Search for a course assigned to an SBL Group and Create Item
  3. Choose the Item Type and enter the content for the question
  4. Add any Resources, such as an image, as necessary
  5. Enter the Title
  6. Select the appropriate Learning Target and Complexity for the SBL Group
    • Note: To add this item to an additional SBL Group, select the + Learning Target/Complexity button.
  7. Choose the Subject Type, Grade Level, and Status
  8. Save

Assessment Item Types

Admins can create four assessment item types:

  1. Multiple Choice - This item type has a question with several possible answers for the student to choose. This type allows the admin to identify more than one correct answer for students to multi-select.
  2. Fill in the Blank - This item type consists of a phrase, sentence, or paragraph with a blank space that allows student to fill in the missing word(s).
  3. Extended Response - This item type is an open-ended question or prompt that requires students to write a short answer or essay response.
  4. Inline Choice - This item type combines some features of fill in the blank and multiple choice questions. Students will select one of multiple answers from a fill in the blank dropdown. Unlike multiple choice, only one correct answer can be selected.

Assessment Item Status

There are two assessment item statuses. Draft items are only visible to the user who created the item and cannot be added to Assessment Tests. Published items are visible to users who have the Assessments permission. Only published items can be added to Assessment Tests.

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