How do I configure grading period weights?

When you have summary grading periods such as semester #1, semester #2, or a final grading period, you may need to enter grading period weights.  This article explains when grading period weights are needed and how to set them.

Do I need grading period weights?

How do I enter grading period weights?

Do I need grading period weights?

In SchoolInsight, regular and exam grading periods can have weights which are used to calculate a summary grade. For example, Quarter 1, Quarter 2, and Sem #1 Exam might have weights of 40, 40, and 20, respectively. When calculating the Sem #1 grade, Q1 and Q2 would be worth 40% of the grade, while Sem #1 Exam would be worth 20% of the grade.

Grading period weights are required when both of the following conditions are true:

  1. Sem #1 and Sem #2 and/or a Final grading period exists
  2. Grade reporting options are set to calculate an average of term grades, rather than a running total across grading periods

In order to determine if you need to enter grading period weights for your school, first take a look at your grading periods and your report card options.  

To view your grading periods:

  1. Main > Grading Periods
  2. Note if you have the following types of grading periods
    • Sem #1, Sem #2, and/or Final

To view your grade reporting options:

  1. Main > Grade Reporting > Options
  2. Note if you see that either of the following below is selected for the Traditional Grades in Summary Grading Periods option
    • Grades are calculated from previous report card grades
    • Grades are calculated in gradebook

If both conditions are true, determine which grading periods will have weights and what the weights will be.  To determine which grading periods will have weights, use the following guidelines:

  1. Regular grading periods and exam grading periods always have weights
  2. Semester grading period terms have weights when there is a final grading period
  3. The final grading period never has a weight

In regards to what the weights should be, most schools using weights have already decided what they are and have published a summary grade calculation in the school handbook.

How do I enter grading period weights?

To enter grading period weights:

  1. Main > Grading Periods > edit
  2. Enter the grading period Weight
  3. Save
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