How do I create Oklahoma out-of-school suspension codes?

This article explains how to create half-day and full-day attendance codes to be used for entering Oklahoma out-of-school suspensions.  Additionally, it explains how to disable the prior out-of-school suspension code (OSS) so that it cannot be used.

As per the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE), attendance for students who are suspended from school on an out-of-school suspension will be reported as absent-excused starting as of the first day of the suspension. As such, full-day and half-day attendance codes that meet those criteria, will need to be created in SchoolInsight.

When creating new attendance codes, you may need to enter the number of minutes that will be applicable for a half-day and full-day suspension. This depends on whether or not your school already uses minute ranges to calculate a student’s daily attendance value. Therefore, prior to creating the new attendance code, check your existing attendance codes to see if the other codes already have minute ranges. If so, take note of the number of minutes that are entered for your existing half-day absent and full-day absent codes.

To view time (minutes) for existing attendance codes:

  1. Go to Admin Main > Attendance > Attendance Codes
    1. If there are values in the Time (Minutes) column
      • Take note of the minute ranges for the attendance code that is used for full-day absence and half-day absence.

To create an out-of-school suspension attendance code:

  1. Go to Admin Main > Attendance > Attendance Codes
  2. Create Attendance Code
    1. Abbreviation:
      • For full-day type OSF
      • For half-day type OSH
    2. Description:
      • For full day (OSF) type Out of School Suspension - Full Day
      • For half day (OSH) type Out of School Suspension - Half Day
    3. Type:  Absent
    4. Status:  Excused
    5. How many days are students counted present? 0
    6. Code does not count for present or absent: Unchecked
    7. Teachers can use this code: No
    8. Code indicates a suspension: Out of School Suspension
    9. Activity Absence: No
    10. Time students should be in attendance for this code:
      • The full-day and half-day minutes should be set according to the same minutes that are used for the regular absent and present codes.
    11. Sorting: bottom of the list
    12. Save

To set a prior out-of-school suspension code to inactive:

  1. Go to Admin Main > Attendance > Attendance Codes
  2. Edit the OSS attendance code
  3. Change Active to No
  4. Save

After the new out-of-school suspension codes are added, you will be able to use them when entering attendance.  Click here to learn more about how to enter attendance for students who are absent from school due to an out-of-school suspension.

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