How do I set learning targets to be headers on the report card and parent portal?

This article explains how to mark certain learning targets as headers, so that they do not receive a score or a grade on your report cards or in the parent portal. When learning targets have a hierarchical structure, the lowest level learning targets are used in assignments and receive grades; whereas, higher level and top level learning targets could be used to organize topics for the SBL Group.

For example, Counting could be a higher level learning target that doesn’t receive grades, but its leaf learning targets, such as “I can count from zero to ten,” should be used on assignments and receive grades. This feature will allow schools to setup header learning targets for courses that have a hierarchy of learning targets, since the headers would need to be set up above the targets that receive scores.

To update your learning targets, you can work on a single course, or update many courses at once.

To set up learning target headers for a single course at a time:

  1. Go to (School District) Admin Main > Courses > Course - Single View
  2. Search for the course you’d like to update
  3. Navigate to the Learning Targets tab
  4. Click on More > Edit LT Coverage
  5. In the column “Show Score on Report Cards/Parent Portal” uncheck the checkbox next to any learning targets that should be a header learning target and not receive a grade or a score
  6. Save

 To set up learning target headers for multiple courses at once:

  1. Go to (School District) Admin Main > Courses > Mass Edit LT Coverage
  2. In the “Choose Data to Update” section, select Learning Target Headers
  3. Choose which learning targets should be marked as headers
    1. Choose to mark ONLY TOP level learning targets to uncheck the upper-most level of your learning targets
    2. Choose to mark all EXCEPT BOTTOM to leave only the lowest level of learning targets checked to display scores
    3. Choose to mark NONE to allow all learning targets to display a score on the report card and parent portal
  4. Select the courses that should receive the above changes
  5. Save
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