How do I manage the nondiscrimination statement on lunch menus?

Some districts are required to post nondiscrimination statements with their lunch menus. This article will show you how to toggle the visibility of this statement, how to edit it, and how to verify it on the parent/student portal.


To edit non-discrimination message options:

  1. Go to School District Admin Main > Options > Lunch > Edit District Options
  2. Switch the option Show nondiscrimination statement on lunch menu
  3. Review the Nondiscrimination statement
  4. Save


To see the nondiscrimination statement on the parent portal:

  1. Go to Parent Main > Miscellaneous > Menus
  2. Locate and view the nondiscrimination statement at the bottom of the page


If you cannot see the Menus link on the parent portal, then you need to allow parents to view menus from the Parent Information Access page as follows:

  1. Go to Admin Main > Options > Parent Information Access > Edit Parent Information Access
  2. Check the checkbox next to Menus
  3. Save
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