How do I roll over learning targets to the next academic year?

As part of the yearly rollover process, schools with standards-based learning (SBL) should copy learning targets from the current academic year to a future academic year. This is a three-step process that involves:

  1. Copying SBL Groups
  2. Copying Learning Targets
  3. Publishing Learning Targets

You will only be able to complete this process when the next academic year is marked as future.

Copying SBL Groups

Learning targets are tied to SBL groups, so you must always start the SBL rollover process by copying SBL groups into the new year.

To copy SBL groups:

  1. Go to Main > Courses > SBL Groups > SBL Group Copy
  2. Select all the SBL Groups that you want to copy forward
  3. Copy

Copying Learning Targets

Once SBL groups are copied, you can copy learning targets that are the same or nearly the same as the previous academic year. If you are starting over with some of your learning targets in a certain SBL group, skip copying those sets, and work on creating them from scratch instead.

To copy learning targets:

  1. Go to Main > Courses > Learning Target Copy
  2. Select the sets of learning targets that you want to copy forward
  3. Copy

Publishing Learning Targets

Once learning targets have been copied into the new year, you can make changes to any sets of learning targets that have been updated. When any set of learning targets is finalized, you must publish it to make the learning targets accessible to instructors in the new academic year.

To publish learning targets:

  1. Go to Main > Course > SBL Groups
  2. Click Publish Learning Targets
  3. Select all the learning targets that are ready to be published
  4. Save
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