How do I set up my Oklahoma WAVE reporting for the upcoming academic year?

This article explains how to roll over your Wave data into the next academic year. This is required for Oklahoma public schools only, and the steps apply to school admins.

The Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) establishes a time frame in which schools can start submitting data to the Wave for the upcoming academic year.  This date is usually the beginning of August. While SchoolInsight manages the transition of the submission of data from one academic year to the next, school admins need to verify their data connection and review and correct the state warnings and errors for each data object.

To verify the Wave/SIF data:

    1. Go To School Admin Main > Import/Export > Verify Wave/SIF Data
    2. Select the upcoming Academic Year
    3. Click verify next to each Wave object verify.PNG
    4. Review the SIF objects for check marks and red X’s
    5. Click the check warnings link next to each object that has more than zero warnings  to view and correct Wave warnings and errors
    6. Make corrections to data in one of two ways
      • To update one or more data fields in a single row, click the edit link below the warning message for that row
      • To update one or more data fields in many rows, click the Mass Edit button at the top or bottom of the page


Unresolved errors, as indicated by a red X,  will stop the transmission of data to the state.  Therefore, these errors should be corrected immediately.  On the other hand, warnings do not stop the transmission of data to the state, however, they should be monitored and corrected because incorrect data will affect your state reporting.

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