How do I schedule an automated upload to the ISBE?

SchoolInsight allows Illinois school district admins to schedule their state exports to the ISBE. This allows you to schedule some ISBE files that you need to submit regularly once, so you never forget to send a file again. This feature is available as part of the Enterprise Data Integration module. If you do not have this module, and would like to use it please contact us (630) 592-4200 x 2.

To set up a scheduled ISBE export, you need to follow a two-step process:

  1. Save the ISBE exports you would like to schedule
  2. Schedule the saved ISBE exports

Save the ISBE exports you would like to schedule

To start scheduling the ISBE exports, you need to first save them into the Saved Reports page. You can save any and as many ISBE exports you need. It is recommended to save the Exit Student Enrollment report, for instance, to release the student records from your district on the ISBE’s side.

To save an ISBE export to be scheduled later:

  1. Go to School District Admin > Import/Export > ISBE Files > Export ISBE Files
  2. Select the file you would like to export and any options for it
  3. Save Report
  4. Give it a unique name
  5. Save

Schedule the saved ISBE exports

After the ISBE exports are saved, you can set up a schedule for uploading them to the ISBE automatically.

To schedule a saved ISBE export:

  1. Go to School District Admin > Import/Export > Scheduled Exports > Create Scheduled Export
  2. Task: State Export
  3. Find and locate the saved ISBE export
  4. Select the time and days for submitting the file
  5. Save

From now on the ISBE file will be submitted according to the scheduled task frequency that you have selected.

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