How do I make changes to SBL entities?

After admins and instructors are added to their respective committees, they can start creating learning targets, rubrics, and assessments. These standard-based learning entities can be edited by committee members through the My Committees page or through Course - Single View.

If the course belongs to one your committees
If the course is not in one of your committees

My Committees

Any user can make changes to the entities of an SBL group if s/he is in that SBL group’s committee and has the right permissions.

To make changes to SBL groups in your committees:

  1. Go to (School District) Admin Main > Tools > My Committees
    • or Instructor Main > Tools > My Committees
    • or SBL Main > Curricula > My Committees
  2. View the entity (Learning Targets, Rubrics, or Assessments) that you wish to change
  3. Use the options on this page to make changes

Course - Single View

Some admins may have global permissions to edit SBL entities, even if they do not belong to any committees.

To make changes as an admin:

  1. Go to Admin Main > Courses > Course - Single View
    • or SBL Main > Course - Single View
  2. Search for the course belonging to the SBL group you wish to make changes to

Navigate to the Learning Targets, Rubrics, or Assessments tab to make changes

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