How do you create a committee and add members?

Schools who use standards-based learning should use committees to manage curricular content, such as learning targets, rubrics, and assessments. Committees consist of multiple users who contribute to the development and improvement of learning targets and other standards-based learning entities. Each committee should have at least one committee chair who can add other committee members and manage their permissions.

Create a committee
Assign permissions

Create a committee

To create a committee and add members:

  1. Go to Main > Courses > Committees
  2. Select Create Committee
  3. Enter the Committee Name
  4. Search for Members to add
  5. Search for and add the relevant SBL Groups for the committee
  6. Save

Assign Permissions

Once members have been added, you will want to assign at least one committee chair and set permissions to control which committee members can edit learning targets, rubrics, and/or assessments. The committee chair(s) can edit the committee itself, add or remove SBL groups, change members and adjust member permissions.

Note that SBL Users do not have limited permissions. Committee permissions will only be effective after your school has converted users into Admin and Instructor roles.

To assign permission to committee members:

  1. Go to (School District) Admin Main > Courses > Committees
    • or SBL Main > Committees
  2. Find the committee and select edit permissions
  3. Check the Chair box for the appropriate members
  4. Check the Edit Learning Targets, Edit Rubrics, and Edit Assessments boxes for the appropriate members
  5. Save
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