How do I create a standards-based grading scale?

Standards-based grading scales define the way teachers will grade student performance on individual learning targets.  They also define the number of levels that rubrics will have, how an overall proficiency grade will be calculated for each learning target, and whether or not learning target scores will roll up to an overall class grade.

To create a standards-based grading scale:

  1. Main > Grading Scales
  2. Click Create Standards-based Scale or Create Grade Scale
  3. Enter a descriptive Title for your scale
  4. Select options depending on your user role:
    • Admin: Select a template in the left-hand column that most closely matches the standards-based scale that you plan to create. Set a calculation mode and other options. Letter grades and numbers can be changed after the scale is created.
    • SBL User: Configure the number of points, notes, and whether or not your scale uses letter grades.
  5. Click Save

After creating your standards-based grading scale, you can come back to edit the scale to customize the options at any time before you start using it in the classroom:

  1. Main > Grading Scales
  2. Click edit
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