How do I import class rosters?

This article discusses how to import class roster data into SchoolInsight. At the beginning of each academic year, if you do not use automated scheduling, you may have to add your students to multiple class rosters. You can manually add students to class rosters in two ways: class by class or student by student. Depending on how many students or classes you have, however, this can be a time consuming process. It may be quicker to create and import a properly formatted CSV or tab-delimited TXT file to get class roster data into SchoolInsight.

When importing class rosters into SchoolInsight, the import file must be formatted correctly in order to be accepted by the system. These fields include the student’s number, the course number, the section, and so on. A template of a properly formatted roster import file is attached at the end of this article.

Rosters can be imported at both the district and the school level.

To import rosters:

    1. Download the attached template and correctly format your data
    2. Go to (School District) Admin Main > Import/Export > Import Rosters
    3. Keep the File Type as Generic
    4. (School Admin Only) Select the class you are importing the roster for. If you are importing rosters for multiple classes, leave this section blank
    5. Choose File and select the import file
    6. Choose the appropriate Delimiter that matches the import file
    7. Under Options, choose whether or not to mark existing roster entries that are not in the import file as inactive
    8. Under Preview Mode, choose what entries you want to see in the import preview
    9. Preview
    10. Review the changes carefully
    11. Submit
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