How do I import courses?

This article discusses how admins can import their courses into SchoolInsight. While you can create courses manually in the course catalog, it may be easier to import the data if you need to create many courses. This commonly happens if a school is changing its course catalog and is offering many new courses to students.

When importing data into SchoolInsight, the file must have all the required fields properly formatted. You can download the attached template at the bottom and use that to create your course import file. The required fields for this import are course number, course name, counts for GPA and credits. If importing from the district level, then school name and school external ID will also be needed. You can add additional course information, such as grade grade level minimum and maximum, number of grading periods, and if it has summary grading periods; however, that information is not required.

To import courses:

  1. Go to (School District) Admin Main > Import/Export > Import Courses
  2. Choose the correct Academic Year, Choose File, and select the Delimiter to match the file
    • Note: If using the attached template below, select “Comma Delimited (CSV) with no surrounding quotes”
  3. Preview
  4. Match the columns in your file with Fields Shown in SchoolInsight
  5. Select the Preview Mode
  6. Preview
  7. Review the information carefully
  8. Import


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