How do I mark an emergency day on the calendar?

This article will discuss how to mark an emergency day on the calendar. During the academic year, unexpected events may disrupt the school day, and you might have to edit the academic calendar as a result. For example, if an unexpected snow storm occurs and classes are canceled, you may have to mark it as an emergency day on the calendar. This will ensure accuracy of information such as attendance, which is necessary if reporting to the state.

Always consult your state guidelines when selecting which code to use. Other codes, such as Act of God Day or Interrupted Day, may be more appropriate in some circumstances.

To mark an emergency day on the calendar:

  1. Go to (School District) Admin Main > Academic Calendars
  2. Click view next to the academic calendar
  3. Click edit next to the month you are adding an emergency day to
  4. On the day you are trying to edit, select ED - Emergency Day using the drop-down menu
  5. Save
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