How do I print mailing labels with contact addresses on them?

SchoolInsight’s custom reports allow admins to print mailing labels with contact addresses. Schools often print labels when sending documents or invites home to families. This article addresses how to build a custom report to generate mailing labels. Once the custom report has been built, school admins can access the report to print labels whenever necessary.

To build a custom report for mailing labels:

  1. Go to (School District) Admin Main > Tools > Reports > Custom Reports > Create a New Report - Query Builder
  2. Report Type
    • Check Contacts
  3. Filters
    • Contact Receives Mail this is a default filter that will return contacts that have permission to receive mail
    • Add Another Filter if needed
      • Contact Custodial Status is useful when the labels will be used on official letters
      • Contact Relationship could tailor the results to return only mothers or only fathers
  4. Data
    • Student Full Name, Contact Full Name, and Contact Address are selected by default
    • Some schools add Parent/Guardian of and remove Contact Full Name
  5. Sorting
    • Choose which fields to sort by
  6. Output
    • Check Mailing Labels
    • Select the Avery label format to print on
  7. Generate
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