How do I copy the master schedule?

In SchoolInsight, it is easy to copy over the master schedule to future academic years. This is recommended when a school would like to keep the same basic schedule from year to year and only implement minor changes. Copying the schedule will, by default, copy over cycle days and bell schedules. Admins can also choose to copy over teams, rooms, and classes/sections.

To copy over the master schedule:

  1. Go to Admin Main > Modules > Scheduling
  2. Select Copy Schedule
  3. Verify the years in Copy Schedule From and Copy Schedule to
  4. Choose What to copy over to the next year
  5. Copy Schedule

What to copy

The admin will need to determine which specific entities to copy to the future academic year. If major changes need to be made to any of the entities, then you can decide not to copy over that specific entity. For example, if major changes are going to be made to room assignments, it may be best for the admin to decide not to copy over rooms and instead create those entities in the next year.

  1. Cycle Days - This will copy over all regular cycle days. Half day cycle days will not copy over, since those may vary from year to year. Admins will need to create them for the new year.
  2. Bell Schedules - The bell schedule and all daily periods on regular cycle days will be copied over.
  3. Teams - This option will only be visible to copy only if teams are used in the school. SchoolInsight will copy teams, but not student, instructor or class assignments.
  4. Rooms - The room number, description, student capacity and active status will all be copied.
  5. Classes/Sections - Instructor, daily period and room assignments will all be copied over with classes/sections.
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