How do I delete a course from an SBL group?

This article will discuss how to delete a course from an standards-based learning (SBL) group. If a course is accidentally added to an SBL group, it can be removed without much difficulty. When a course is removed from a SBL group, that course will lose all underlying data, including learning targets, rubrics, and so on. If the course’s SBL entities differ only slightly from that of the SBL group, it is recommended to split the SBL group instead.

To remove one or multiple courses from an existing SBL group

  1. Go to Main > Courses > Course - Single View
  2. Use the search bar to look up the course you wish to remove from the SBL group
  3. Navigate to the SBL group
  4. Click on Delete From Group
  5. Select the courses you wish to remove from the group
  6. Delete

This must be done, however, before SBL entities - such as learning targets - are used on units, lessons, assignments, report cards, and so on, as SBL groups become locked for the year once learning targets are used.

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