How do I roll over to the next academic year?

Note: This article is intended for schools that use SchoolInsight as their primary student information system (SIS). If your school has a third-party SIS and integrates with TeacherEase’s gradebook and/or report cards, then you should use this KB instead:

SchoolInsight makes it easy for admins to roll over to the upcoming academic year. Yearly rollover can be divided into two parts:

  1. Tasks that can be done before the end of the current academic year
  2. Tasks that will need to wait until the current academic year has ended

Prior to the End of the Academic Year

Although admins do not have all the data to completely setup the next academic year, it is highly recommended to start setting up the next academic year as early as possible. Most schools start this process in February or March. This gives the admin more time to distribute the work into smaller tasks instead of having a rushed sprint right before the new academic year starts.

Academic Year and Calendars

Admins start the yearly rollover by creating the new academic year and setting it as a future year. While creating the year, the admin selects which data and setup to copy over from the current year to reduce the amount of work that follows. Setting the new academic year as future keeps data in this academic year hidden from parents, students, and teachers while this data is still being worked on. For example, you may set a temporary student schedule that is not necessarily the final one; consequently, you would not want the students to see this temporary schedule.

For articles relating to managing the academic year and calendars, please see the following:

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Grading Periods

While the new academic year is created, admins have the option to copy over the current year’s grading periods. If you would like to make changes to the grading periods in the future year, then instead of copying the current grading periods create new ones.

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Promoting and Managing Students

Before the end of the current academic year students are typically promoted to the next one. After the end of the year, you will revisit the student enrollment to add new students and demoted students.

When promoting students before the school year begins, admins will not want to input exit description/date information. Once the year ends, the admin can mass edit the students to put in that information.

Please reference this articles to learn how to promote students:

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Review Courses

While courses are not tied to a specific academic year like classes are, it is a good idea for admins to review their courses during the yearly rollover process. It may be necessary to create a new course that will be offered next year or inactivate courses that will no longer be offered.

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Copy SBL Groups and Learning Targets

If using Standards-Based Learning (SBL), Admins will need to copy over learning targets to the future academic year.

The following article explains the process of copying learning targets:

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Copy Classes/Sections

Admins can copy classes and sections over from one year to the next and make adjustments as needed. This can save you a great deal of time when compared to creating all the classes from scratch.

The following article will help you to copy classes:

  1. How Do I Copy Classes To A New Academic Year?

After the Academic Year Ends

Between the end of one academic year and the first few days of the new on, the admin gets more information that could be added or updated in SchoolInsight. Here you will learn what data you can update or add during that time in order to have a successful start of the new academic year.

Managing Admin and Instructor Accounts

Admins manage staff changes by making previous employees inactive and creating new accounts for new employees to preserve data entered by previous staff.

The following links will provide you with information about staff management:

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Managing Students

After the end of the academic year, and leading to the start of the new year the student enrollment is finalized. You will be able to add new students and handle the students who are not returning after the summer break.

The following articles will help you manage students data in the new year:

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Lunch Food Items Rollover

Once the academic year has ended, admins should copy over food items to the next year. It is recommended that you review all food items and make any pricing adjustments that are needed.

Please refer to this article for further reading on copying food items:

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Fees Rollover

Sometimes, students will have positive account balances at the end of the academic year. By rolling over the account balance into the next academic year, it will reconcile the current year’s balance.

Please refer to the following article for further reading:

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Copy Report Card

Admins can also copy over the report card and report card item lists to the next academic year. Then, the admin can make any adjustments to the report card or report card item lists as needed.

For further information on how to copy report cards to future academic year, please read the following:

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Finalize Student Schedules

Once the schedule is finalized, admins can add students to class rosters individually or by copying a whole class roster to another class.

Please refer to the following articles regarding class rosters:

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Additional Tasks

If you have setup custom reports that point to specific academic years, and you need to run them for the new academic year, then you need to update them as described below:

  1. How do I update the academic year on my custom reports?
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