How do I split an existing SBL group?

If necessary, a standard-based learning (SBL) group can be split to form two separate SBL groups. This may be helpful in cases where you realize courses in an SBL group actually have slightly different SBL entities. Instead of removing each course and creating separate groups, you can simply split the SBL group and make changes to each new SBL group as necessary. This must be done, however, before SBL entities - such as learning targets - are used on units, lessons, assignments, report cards, and so on, as SBL groups become locked for the year once learning targets are used.

To split an existing SBL group into two seperate SBL groups:

  1. Go to Main > Courses > Course - Single View
  2. Use the search bar to look up the course in the SBL group you wish to split
  3. Navigate to the SBL group tab
  4. Click on Break Up Group
  5. Type the title of the second group in the corresponding field
  6. Drag and drop the courses into the appropriate group
  7. Save

By breaking up an existing SBL group, two groups will be created. Both of these groups will have the same SBL entities, meaning they will have the same learning targets, rubrics, etc as before the split but can now be edited separately. Once split, however, the two groups cannot be merged back together. In order to move a course between the two groups, you will have to delete the course from one group and then add it to the other.

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