How do I mark students as siblings?

You can mark two students as siblings in SchoolInsight by linking them via a shared custodial parent/guardian or non-custodial parent. Once siblings are linked, managing contact data becomes easier, since editing one student’s contact propagates the changes for the siblings’ contact data as well. Also, adding new contact details for one student allows you to setup that contact’s relationship to all siblings.

Linking contacts can be done for siblings attending the same school or different school buildings within the same district. School district admins and school admins can link students who attend different schools in the same district; however, school admins can only link students across schools that the admin has access to.

There are a number of ways to link siblings. Choose the method that is most appropriate for your situation:

  1. Adding a new student as a sibling of an existing student
  2. Adding a sibling to a student who has contacts
  3. Merging contacts for two unlinked siblings

Adding a New Student as a Sibling of an Existing Student

You can search and select an existing sibling while adding a new student to SchoolInsight. Common data, including contacts, will be populated for the new student from the existing sibling student. This saves time on data entry when creating new students, and the contacts will already be linked.

How to mark a sibling when creating a new student:

  1. Go to (School District) Admin Main > Students - Single View
  2. Input the student’s name then Create a New Student
  3. Search and select the existing Sibling
  4. Review and assign permissions to Contacts
  5. Save

Adding a Sibling to a Student Who Has Contacts

If both siblings exist as students, but only one student has contacts, admins can add students to create one family with linked contacts. Once linked, making changes to one contact’s information will result in those changes being updated for all siblings.

To add one student to an existing family:

  1. Go to (School District) Admin Main > Students - Single View
  2. Search for the student with contacts
  3. Click on Contacts/Family
  4. Add Student
  5. Search for the student without contacts
  1. Review and assign permissions to Contacts
  2. Save

Merging Contacts for Two Unlinked Siblings

Sometimes two students may have the same contact information entered; however, those students may not be linked. This happens as a result of duplicate contacts, and once the contacts merge, then the students will become siblings in SchoolInsight. Please note that admins should preview the contact details closely, as merging contacts cannot be undone.

To merge the contacts of two existing students:

  1. Go to (School District) Admin Main > Students - Single View
  2. Search for the student and click on Contacts/Family
  3. Select the Contact and Merge Contacts
  4. Search and add the appropriate contact
  5. Verify the Preview of merged contact details
  6. Merge
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