How do I add rubrics to my learning targets?

Standards-based rubrics allow educators to break down learning targets  and define the cognitive steps that students pass through to reach mastery. They provide a framework for feedback, and students can use them to self-assess and have rich conversations with teachers using a shared vocabulary. This understanding leads to better instruction and assessment, especially for students who cannot make great intuitive leaps in understanding. Rubrics help create a path of small steps every student can follow to mastery.

To access rubrics:

  1. Go to Main > Tools > My Committees
    • or SBL Main Rubrics
  2. Find an SBL Group’s Rubrics entity and click View
  3. Edit
  4. Click inside the text box next to the rubric score (4,3,2,1)
  5. Type the expectation
  6. Enter
  7. Repeat steps 1 through 3 for each rubric score
  8. Content saves automatically, so just click Back when you have finished


A course must have learning targets assigned before rubrics can be added. Click here to learn more about adding learning targets to courses.

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